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About Charly


Charly was born and raised in Munich/Germany, where her love for the Performing Arts was ignited around the age of five. Her parents took her to a Ballet performance and, while being mesmerized by what was going on onstage, she was just as thrilled to catch a glimpse of the dancers as they went backstage, imagining that secret life hidden from the audience. Charly enrolled in Ballet classes at the age of six and she hasn't stopped dancing ever since. She started choreographing her own pieces as a teenager and, looking back at her creations, many of them were a mix of theater and dance. Her inspiration has always come from storytelling , therefore combining movement and speech came as a natural choice. Charly joined her High School acting troupe, performing in a variety of plays and scenes. One of her greatest memories was playing "Viola" in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". While enrolled in a three year full time performance program, she joined the Opera Ballet at the Munich State Opera House. Performing on that beautiful stage in front of over 2000 people remains a highlight of her early career. Fast forward "some years" Charly has now lived  in NYC  for over ten years, dancing for many companies, choreographing for a variety of  different projects and acting in plays, short films, commercials, as well as producing a number of her own films. She loves collaborating with other artists from various genres.  She's a nature and animal lover, Yoga practitioner and she is trying to live by the principle 'Either you're comfortable, or you're improving'. Finally, one of her favorite quotes:

"Every creative act is a sudden cessation of stupidity." Edwin Land

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